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deliverybannerLooking for the best weed delivery service in Long Beach?  ABC Collective is the obvious choice. ABC Collective is the choice for most people looking for a reputable Collective to get weed delivery. We have been delivering marijuana in the Long Beach area for several years. We have many popular strains to choose from as well as fast and discreet service. Our popular Cannabis Cup Winners keep our collective members continuously coming back to ABC Collective in Long Beach. Feel free to fill out our order form and we will contact you shortly to fill your order. You will be happy with our quick service and will see why so many people choose ABC Collective for their weed delivery needs.

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affordablepatientOur medical marijuana delivery service was set up to give our collective members great product as well as fast service. You will not find a better weed delivery service in Long Beach than here at ABC Collective. We offer some strains that you will only find at ABC Collective. You can also take advantage of our Affordable  Patient Appreciation Program which gets you five grams of select strains for a $40.00 donation. Call or send in an email to find out which stains are offered at this donation cost. ABC Collective is also proud to offer many cannabis cup winners for you to choose from. Call today to set up your weed delivery in Long Beach today.


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Many cities that ban storefront medical marijuana collectives will tell you that medical marijuana delivery services are illegal and not allowed, even under California state law. However, this is absolutely untrue. California Health & Safety Code Section 11362.768(e) specifically mentions mobile medical marijuana collectives by limiting where “mobile retail outlets” can operate. ABC Collective follows all the laws to insure that our weed delivery service is done correctly for all of our collective members in Long Beach. Order now to set up your weed delivery.